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A book that will change your life forever!

Is best described as an open and guiding book into a more fulfilling life on this earth, and the key that unlocks the door to engaging thought processes on how Faith in yourself but more importantly Faith in God will open your mind to see that all things are possible when you allow Faith to take root in your everyday actions.

Faith Walk, Your Personal Journey with Christ” was written for those who are looking to overcome the most difficult situations in their life and who are ready to explore new and exciting opportunities that will forever change how they see themselves and the world  around them.

Whether you are looking for reconciliation in your marriage, a financial breakthrough, healing in your body, Faith Walk, “Your Personal Journey with Christ “will help you open your mind and your heart to new and refreshing ideas by teaching you how to let go of the painful past and all that troubles you today, by sharing spiritual insights on just how Faith can and will work for you.

“For we walk by Faith not by site” (2 Corinthians 5:7), is the basis of this book, and I believe in order to accomplish extraordinary things and receive personal change on this earth you must first understand what faith is and how Faith works.

Faith is not about what you see, hear or feel. Faith is simply an action not an emotion.

Developing your Faith requires you to do something about what you ultimately want to see manifest in your life. Therefore taking action means to do something as oppose to simply talking about one day having something.

This book will show you how to unlock the door to the richness’ of Faith, Hope, Love and Forgiveness that is instrumental in your personal journey with Christ and will forever change your life.

So if you are open to change the way you see yourself and the people around you, and ready to explore many areas of your life in order to grasp just how Faith works, then you are well on your way to a life filled with so much promise.

Whether you are looking to develop stronger Faith or learn about Faith for the first time, Faith Walk, “Your Personal Journey with Christ “is a powerful uplifting and motivating book that will open your eyes to the simple daily steps you can take to improve your Faith and overcome the most challenging situations in your life.

To find out why and how Faith, Hope, Love and Forgiveness will transform your life open up this book and began to read and explore for yourself the life changing victory of faith that awaits you

Learn to let go of the pain and disappointments in your life by allowing your personal Faith Walk Journey with Christ, to begin.

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