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A Faith Walk Inspirational Story to Remember By: Ora Lee Fowler

Faith Walk Success Story
By Ora Lee Fowler

I am so honored that my daughter (Susan Rosario), asked me to write a story about my Faith Walk with God. I hope my story will inspire and encourage everyone.

My entire life has been a Faith Walk with God. I came from a family of six siblings, four girls and two boys. I am also the product of a preacher’s kid. 

My Father built and pastored a church in Amarillo Texas in the early 1900’s, which is still standing today. So you see, I was taught at a very early age about trusting and believing in God.

Growing up in a poor family, I learned how to rely on God’s Faith to get through each day. If it had not been for God, I would not be here today.  I would not be able to share my Faith Walk Story with you.


As a single parent, for starters I raised six children, and taught them all at a very young age, how to pray.  Each morning before they left for school, we would have a family prayer. 

Each child was asked to say a prayer. And today I am so proud of each one of them who all maintain a personal relationship with God. I thank God every day for such a prayerful family. I magnify God in prayer and thanksgiving every day. 

My most recent Faith Walk Story began on May 21st 2012. 

My life came to an abrupt halt.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated, I felt hopeless and alone.  I knew God could do anything, but even still I was troubled.

I began to pray and cry out to God asking, what had I done so wrong in my life that I would have to suffer, and endure such physical and emotional pain. I asked God “have you forgotten about me? “  Many nights I cried out to the Lord, “please help me, save me from this illness.”

I knew anything was possible with God, and I also knew that my Faith was being tested. I had to pull myself together, and remember in those faithless moments, that God would heal me, not that he could, but that “he would” heal me from cancer. 

From that moment on, my Faith Walk kicked into high gear. I made a decision that day, not to every give up on God, because he would never give up on me.

To make a long Faith Story short, the lump was removed. After surgery, and numerous tests, the news came back that the cancer was malignant. I spent the next 8-weeks taking daily radiation. I have been cancer free for over five years now, Hallelujah!

The experience increased my belief and Faith in God. I realized that bad experiences don’t always kill you; they help strengthen your Faith. 

God heard my prayer, he heard my cry. And he let me know that he cares for me. He let me know that he would never leave me or forsake me.

All I have to do every day of my life is put my trust and belief in Him.


I thank God for each of my children, for calling me every day to pray and to let me know that I was in God’s hands.

Last, I say to all who are reading my Faith Walk Story.

If you are going through a life threatening ordeal, keep standing on Faith, and never ever, give up on yourself, and more importantly never give up on God.

Although you may have faithless moments, always know that there are no limitations on what God can do, when you put your faith, and trust in Him. 

By: Ora Lee Fowler

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